About the artists

Frederick Marquina

Frederick was born and raised in Paete, Laguna the carving capital of the Philippines. He started carving in his early teens, mostly experimenting in wood. Then later, he tried other medium such as fruits, vegetables, chocolate, butter and eventually ice.

Frederick is currently working as an Ice Carver for Iceman in Toronto Canada. He has also worked as a cabinet maker, and kitchen artist.  

He is an award winning International and Canadian Events Sculptor with a very long list of accolades.  Some of the highlights:

  • Winterlude International Competition in Ottawa, in 2017 placed 2nd in Solo and was awarded Carver's Choice
  • ICEFEST Competition in Toronto, Ontario; he has 6 times won 1st Place from 2012 through 2018.
  • POLAR FEST Ice Carving in Lakefield Ontario; he has 4 times won 1st Place from 2012 though 2016.
  • WINTERLOO Ice Carving Competition Waterloo Ontario; 2014 Winner
  • BERMUDA Gourmet Getaway Ice Sculpting Competition; 2008 Grand Prize Winner
  • 1996 Hall of Fame Ice Carver Award Recipient, Phillipines
  • CHEFS ON PARADE, Phillipines: 7 times Gold Metalist from 1990 through 1996

Dave Hawey

Chef and professor Dave Hawey currently works at Durham College. He has received many ice carving accolades including placing First at Lakefield, Icefest and in past Winterloo competitions.

  • World Ice Arts Championship 2019
  • 5th two person classic 
  • 1st Multiblock 
  • Artists choice award 
  • International Ice Festival Poznan Poland 2018

Philippe Saraiva 

Philippe Saraiva is a Professor at Conestoga College. He started ice carving after taking a seminar with Steve Brice and Aaron Costic (two of the best ice carvers in North America) back in 2009 and been taking part in festivals around Ontario ever since. He has participated in Winterloo eight times and his carvings have been seen in many local events such as Oktoberfest.

He sees ice carving as a fun hobby that he highlights with his students when they need carvings for events at the college.

He loves the comradery among the carvers. In addition, it is a great challenge to work with this ephemera medium.

He is an award winning sculptor including at International Ice Festival Poznan Poland 2018.

Ice Sculptures

Waterloo Public Square

Watch three award winning ice carvers create beautiful designs live in Waterloo Public Square.

January 29, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Waterloo Public Square

Award winning ice carvers Philippe Saraiva, Dave Hawey and Frederick Marquina will create three ice carvings in Waterloo Public Square. The carvers will use a variety of hand and power tools to carve beautiful sculptures into the 300+ lbs blocks of ice.

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