Guide to Birding

Winter is a great time for bird watching even from your own window. As part of their migratory pattern, many species of birds breed in the northern parts of Ontario but migrate south during the winter. So this is the perfect (and possibly only) time to view them in our local area.

See the guide below to find what birds you might be able to spot. Spotted an interesting bird? If you managed to get a photo tag us in it @Create_Waterloo on Instagram or #Winterloo

Use these resources to find out more about the different types of birds in your own backyard:

Find out more about our local birds with Waterloo Region Nature – they are even hosting a Backyard Bird Count February 18-21, 2022.

Attract Birds to your Home

Want to attract more birds to your window? Why not create your own bird feeder. There are many different styles and options so get creative with it! Be sure to fill your bird feeder with appropriate food options for our winged friends.

Colour Pages

Identify birds with the littles ones or simply have them colour them in.

MORE THINGS to do online & Wintertime guides