create 31

31 minutes of creatIvity
for 31 days
create 31

Challenge yourself to 31 minutes of creativity for 31 days. Take the Create 31 challenge with your community, friends, and family by following along on Instagram @create_waterloo.

Create 31 requires no particular skill level. Simply spend 31 minutes per day engaging in a prompt delivered by Waterloo local artists, influencers, businesses, and political representatives. Starting January 1st, prompts will be posted on Instagram. Follow along and use the hashtag #create31 to share the creativity you unfold.

People of all ages can participate but those under 12 may need a hand. Stay motivated and inspired around your home this winter, and if you're leaving the house, please keep safety top of mind and follow public health guidelines on gathering and physical distancing.

Prompts have started! Head to @create_waterloo on Instagram to get creating.