Barrels of Fun

“Are you looking to have barrels of fun while at home? The City of Waterloo Museum have a collection of barrels waiting to be explored. We have created some hands-on crafts for you to make your own barrels. These timeless handy containers can be used as toy containers, bowling pins, building blocks and so much more. We have also featured a few rarely seen items in our artifact build-a-barrel activity.

Printable Activity Sheet

Why the barrels?

Did you know that the City of Waterloo Museum has objects from many local businesses? One of those businesses was Canada Barrels and Kegs or Canbar. Canbar made wooden barrels for the our local food and beverage industry. The beverages we made would be shipped around the world in a wooden barrel. Canbar also made wooden pipelines to bring fresh water to communities around the world. Together, our local products have contributed to the world economy. Today, we are known for our innovation and technology, but once upon a time, Waterloo was a hub of  manufacturing industries.

Check out our self-guided walking tour which will further highlight many of these industries.