Uptown Waterloo Scavenger Hunt

Uptown Waterloo

Enjoy this fun and exciting adventure as you explore uptown Waterloo!

1. I’m located in uptown Waterloo at 75 King St South and am open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily during cold winter months. How many people are there on me? While here, why don’t you have some fun and try me out! (*hint: I don’t do well in the summer because I melt). 

2. My name is the Waterloo Uptown Bell and I am the central artwork in the Waterloo Uptown Square. I am very large and stand as a tribute to the industrial history of Waterloo Region, its founders and its work ethic. I also am a call to gather, celebrate and commune citizens in a public gathering space that was designed to welcome, host and entertain local residents and visitors from far and wide. Who made me and how much do I weigh? 

3. I’m a local bakery that can be found along the Waterloo Uptown Outlet Mall. In fact, I live right beside ‘The Shops’ sign. Who am I? While on your adventure, don’t forget to try me out and fill up your tummy for the rest of your journey!

4. There are 5 of me located on the side of the Uptown Waterloo Parkade building along Willis Way. Each was made by a local artist. Which one is your favourite and what is the signed artist’ name?

5. I go by Uptown Tunes and I’m a playlist made up of local musician’s songs. My QR code can be found in the Uptown Public Square. Scan me with your phone and listen to my awesome songs! What is the name of my first song?

6. I am the Waterloo Promenade and I stretch from the Caroline and Erb intersection, all the way to Seagram Dr. Walk down, cross the bridges, look up and there you will see my amazing art walk of drawings made by local artists. How many of me are there?

7. I am 5 public art pieces located in Waterloo Parks Eby Farmstead. My purpose is to animate Waterloo Park in the winter months while the animals are gone away on their fun and relaxing winter retreat. Which art installation is your favourite and what is the local artists name that created it?

8. BONUS Question: What day is Winterloo on and what are you most excited for? Food trucks? Free ice skating? And more? There’s so much to choose from!

DM your answers to Create Waterloo on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to be entered into a contest to win a prize!

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