Trail Mix

On various trails throughout Waterloo

Trail Mix has been updated for 2022!

Trail Mix has the best music and auditory experiences to help you relax and enjoy Waterloo’s trails. Enjoy curated playlists by scanning QR codes found throughout the trail to discover local music and spoken word that matches the atmosphere of the path you're on!

Bundle up and hit these trails for a curated music experience and stay tuned for more trails to come:

Forwell Trail

Google Map Link

Featured artists: Eiyn SofYoung PilotRich BurnettElsa JayneJoJo WorthingtonChrista MercyBlankie 

Walter Bean Trail

Google Map Link

Featured artists: Avalon Bridger, Mary-Catherine Pazzano, A Short Walk to Pluto, Italian Sunsets Waterstreet Blues Band, A Weekend at Ramonas, Rob Witherspoon, Luke Cyrus Hunter, Erik Mohr, Ella Latta Suazo

Spur Line / Laurel Trail

Google Map Link

Featured artists: NEFE, Quinton Barns, Mary Abdel-Malek Neil, Juneyt, The Clefs of Moher, Grace Sheele, Richard Garvey, Logan Staats, Joni Nehrita, 12 Mile Island, CaluJules.

Uptown Tunes

QR code located on the kiosk in Waterloo Public Square.

Featured artists: Tanya Rivero, Gareth Bush, Kennen, The MacQueens

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