Ice Sculpture Installations

Waterloo Public Square

Local award winning ice carver Philippe Saraiva will create 2 ice carvings in Waterloo Public Square. See the first one after January 23rd and the second one from January 30th (weather pending).

Philippe will use a variety of hand and power tools to carve beautiful sculptures into the 300+ lb blocks of ice.

About Phillipe Saraiva

Phillipe Saravia is a Professor at Conestoga College. He started ice carving after taking a seminar with Steve Brice and Aaron Costic (two of the best ice carvers in North America) back in 2009 and been taking part in festivals around Ontario ever since. He has participating in Winterloo 7 times and his carvings have been seen in many local events such as Oktoberfest.

He sees ice carving as a fun hobby that he highlights with his students when they need carvings for events at the college.

He loves the comradery among the carvers. In addition, it is a great challenge to work with this ephemera medium.

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